Something Strange in Brownwood

Think Wild West with supernatural elements.

You are prominent members of the town of San Angelo, a town of 400 people. One day at high noon, an cold breeze blows down the one main road. Old lady Agnes stops rocking in her chair, the creaking was breaking the silent tension that rolled in. The sheriff, smelling the trouble, walks out into the street to find himself alone save for Henry, the town drunk, who remains sleeping next to the water trough.

Standing under the main gateway at the edge of town William, a merchant from the next town, Brownwood, shuffles forward. The dust kicks up at his feet. “Ghosts” grumbles Henry as he strains and points and passes back out. William keeps walking, dragging his saddle behind him.

“What’s the matter, William?” The sheriff calls out.

“Help” William mutters in a raspy voice. He starts coughing, spitting blood into his hands. “They came for us. We weren’t ready. Help us.” He collapses into the road, and the sheriff rushes over and carries him to the physician.

That was yesterday. William has been in a coma since then. You are the only people brave enough to join the sheriff’s posse to head to Brownwood. Good Luck. Godspeed.

Something Strange in Brownwood

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